The designer's guide to wind tunnel testing of solar racking systems

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Information paper on the dimensioning of mounting systems based on wind tunnel tests.

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The calculation of wind loads for PV systems on flat roofs is not regulated uniformly in Germany. There is no corresponding standard. So far, even with similar PV systems, this has led to very different dimensions of the necessary ballast to keep the systems securely on the roof.

With the BSW's new "Notes paper on the dimensioning of mounting systems based on wind tunnel tests", specialist planners and installers receive a uniform procedure for the first time as well as information on the calculation of wind loads and the ballasting of PV systems on flat roofs.

The information paper explains the safety concept behind the calculations, the safety factors, the influence of the system network and the environmental parameters. Last but not least, there is an explanation of the ballast calculations by the manufacturers of mounting systems and a detailed calculation example with exemplary pressure coefficients. System-specific pressure coefficients are to be determined in the wind tunnel.

After the order has been processed, the electronic product is available for download in the customer account under "My orders".

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